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CSCE Saskatoon Oct. Nooner – Tack Coat Materials in Cold Climate

October 10, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm UTC-6

Join us for our first Nooner of the 2019-2020 season! Dr. Haithem Soliman from the University of Saskatchewan will be presenting on the performance of tack coat materials in cold climates.

Our Nooners include the buffet lunch at the Park Town and free parking (just register at the front desk). Lunch starts at 12, with presentation to follow at ~12:30 pm.

We greatly appreciate all ticket orders made three days in advance of the Nooner (including for those using corporate sponsor vouchers), so we can let the venue know how many people we expect. Please take advantage of our early bird pricing, which we offer up until 3 days before the event!

Presentation Summary:

Tack coat materials are used to provide sufficient bond between an old asphalt concrete layer and a new asphalt overlay, or between asphalt concrete lifts. Tack coat materials are typically bituminous emulsions. A successful application of a tack coat material depends on the followed construction practices and material properties. For construction practices, a uniform application of the tack coat material and having enough curing time before allowing construction traffic ensure that a sufficient amount of the bituminous residue will stay at the road surface and reduce pickup and tracking by construction equipment. For material properties, a sufficient bond strength of the tack coat material ensures the structural integrity of asphalt concrete layers and prevent premature failure. In cold regions, durability of tack coat materials and resistance to freeze-thaw cycling must be considered too. Specifications for tack coat materials should balance between construction limitations and specifying materials with an acceptable performance.

The presented research aims to assess the performance of several tack coat materials in Saskatchewan climate. A summary of testing results, evaluation methods, and impact of construction conditions will be presented and discussed.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Haithem Soliman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering, University of Saskatchewan. He completed his Ph.D. degree at the University of Manitoba in 2015. During his work in Manitoba, Dr. Soliman participated in several projects in various areas including performance-based testing of pavement materials, durability of pavement repair products in cold climates, use of recycled materials in pavement construction, and influence of frost penetration and spring thaw on pavement structures. Currently, Dr. Soliman has ongoing research projects at the University of Saskatchewan, which include characterization of aggregate materials for base and subbase layers, evaluation of tack coat materials, performance of polymer-modified asphalt mixtures, and using imaging techniques to evaluate freeze-thaw durability of asphalt mixtures.



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