About Us

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) is a learned society that endeavours to develop and maintain high standards in the practice of civil engineering in Canada and to enhance the public image of the civil engineering profession.  CSCE is comprised of individuals from the many different facets of civil engineering, from designers to project managers, private sector employees to public sector employees, engineers to technologists, and university students to university professors.  Together, CSCE and its members promote the development, acquisition, and exchange of civil engineering knowledge.

CSCE is a national organization, which is organized into five regions across the country.  At the national level, CSCE promotes the work of civil engineering among the public and government institutions both at home and abroad, supports the work of academic and private institutions, works with other national sister organizations such as the Canadian Geotechnical Society, and organizes national events for the society, such as the annual conference (held each spring) and national lecture tours.

Within each region of the CSCE, there are multiple local sections.  CSCE Saskatoon is one of those sections.  CSCE Saskatoon organizes a variety of events and programming throughout the year, to provide professional development and networking opportunities for the civil engineering community in Saskatoon and surrounding area.  We have great support from our sponsors (local engineering companies), whose financial contributions allow us to host our events and programming throughout the year.


About Our Events 

 The following is a brief list of the events CSCE Saskatoon commonly hosts throughout the year:

Nooners – Our noon hour luncheon series, or “Nooners” for short, are lunch time presentations complete with a delicious buffet lunch and a presentation about an interesting or challenging civil engineering project in Saskatoon or surrounding area.  Nooners are a great opportunity for networking with other people in the civil engineering profession, and can be counted as part of a continuing professional development program.

Seminars – On occasion, CSCE Saskatoon hosts formal educational seminar on topics of interest to the civil engineering community.  Past seminar topics have included effect communication strategies, seismic design, and updates to the Canadian bridge design code, S6.

Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition – Every year in early January, CSCE Saskatoon hosts a competition, open to student and professional teams alike, to see who can build the best popsicle stick bridge that holds the highest load during destructive testing.  For student teams, monetary prizes are on the line; for professional teams, bragging rights are similarly at stake.  And, of course, a lot of fun is had by all.

Professionals’ Night – On the same night as the popsicle stick bridge competition, CSCE Saskatoon also hosts our largest networking night of the year, Professionals’ Night.  This is a chance for both students and professionals to meet, mingle, and network in a social atmosphere.

Annual General Meeting – Held once per year, our AGM features a plated supper and a guest speaker to discuss a significant project underway or completed in Saskatoon or surrounding area, with the meeting following these festivities.


A Brief History Of The Founding Of The Saskatoon Chapter

CSCE Saskatoon was established in 1981 when Mel Hosain and Vern Neis held a meeting of interested members in the Faculty Lounge at the Engineering Building on the U of S Campus.  At this meeting, Cliff Smith was nominated as the first chair of the Section, and elected by acclamation at the meeting.  The other founding executive members were Keith Bowers and Keith Hansen.  Cliff Smith went on to serve CSCE at the National level as well, taking on the role of Senior Vice-President in 1983 and President the following year.  CSCE Saskatoon itself has continued to flourish since its inception, hosting many successful “Nooners” (noon hour luncheon presentations), seminars, national lecture tours, and AGMs since.